How To Write A Call To Action That Gets Tons Of Clicks [2020]

A powerful call to action (CTA) is your ticket to increased conversion rates on your website.

Because after all, a call to action’s sole purpose is to encourage the audience to take things a step further.

In today’s post, we are going to teach you how to produce calls to action that will get thousands of clicks.

You will see a significant surge in your conversion rates in no time!

Are you ready?

Let’s begin!

What is a Call to Action?

In digital marketing, your call to action tells your target audience what to do next.

The end goal is to drive them deeper into the conversion or sales funnel.

As they travel down the sales funnel, this becomes an opportunity for you to transform them from casual viewers to loyal customers.

Calls to action can be something as simple as “Subscribe to my newsletter” or “Buy now!”

How do you write a Call to Action?

Here are some actionable steps that can help you craft a killer call to action:

A. Offer value

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers.

If you were in their spot, what will prompt you to click on that call to action button?

Maybe you will be encouraged to take action when immediate benefits or value is offered.

“What’s in it for your customers?” is the first question you must answer.Will it help make certain tasks easier for them? Will it help them save a lot of time and money?

This will go back to your unique selling point or USP.

A USP is needed to acquire leads, so when you pair USP with a powerful call to action, your clicks will increase in no time!

Here’s an excellent example of a call to action that presents value:

The value presented here speaks for itself. Free consultation.

If I was someone looking for a digital marketing agency, I’d be prompted to click.

B. Include strong action words

CTAs are short and straight to the point.

Since you can only place them in a tiny button, you need not be too wordy to get your point across.

The character limit of CTAs is 35 characters only, and that’s already quite lengthy.


  • For newsletters and other email marketing campaigns, an appropriate newsletter would say, “subscribe for free” or “keep me updated”
  • For e-commerce websites where purchases can be made online, you can say, “Shop now and get 10% off” or “Place your order”
  • When it’s a call to action requesting for more information, you can say, “learn more” or “show me how”

As you may have already observed, calls to action always include verbs.

This isn’t a surprise because it’s named a call to action for a reason.

But it isn’t enough to throw in random verbs in there; the goal is to evoke a certain type of emotion.

Here’s an excellent call to action by Women’s Health:

Image via

C. Make it pop

When it comes to calls to action, it’s not enough to make a CTA button that just blends in with the rest of your landing page.

You can remedy this problem by making your CTA buttons pop, and all it takes is the effective use of color.

A case study found that adjusting color is one of many ways for you to increase conversions by as much as 24 percent.

In fact, color psychology (a branch of behavioral psychology) can tell us how color affects human behavior, including their buying habits.

In a related article by OptinMonster, they also shared that the color of a room can affect a person’s mood.

Red = raises blood pressure, increase respiration speed, and quickens heart rate

Blue = reduces blood pressure, slows down respiration, slows down heart rate.

Due to these unique findings, marketers are now taking advantage of color psychology in creating logos, graphic design, and other branding materials.

The key to making an effective call to action is to make it stand out on your website.

Here’s a good example from a brand I’m sure you’re all familiar with:

Netflix’s call to action dominates their entire page!

It even comes with a big red button that immediately offers customers some sort of value.

This is how you make it pop—you emphasize the call to action so much that visitors won’t miss it, even if they tried.

Another good thing about Netflix’s CTA is that the bright red color contrasts with the dark background.

Even the “Join free for a month” text can immediately draw the viewer’s attention.

D. Don’t be generic

While it is very easy to write “Subscribe to our newsletter” or “Buy now”, generic texts such as these aren’t going to increase your conversions.

It’s dull, it’s boring, and it’s been used time and time again.

I’m sure you’re aware of how crucial it is to keep your content fresh, even with something as simple as a call to action.

If you write compelling subject lines for your email marketing campaigns, you must practice the same thing on your call to action button.

Get creative with your CTAs! Here are some samples to take things to the next level:

  • Contact Us = Get Connected
  • Buy now = Shop now and get 50% off!
  • Subscribe = Stay up to date!
  • Join Us = Let’s work together

This is a great example of a fun and creative call to action:

Image via

E. Adapt to your audience’s device

Previously, we told you about the importance of mobile-friendly websites.

The same rules apply to your call to action.

If you haven’t made the necessary adjustments for a mobile-friendly site, chances are your call to action will be defective or misaligned somewhere.

This won’t look good to any potential customer.

Here’s the deal: Users who make a search using mobile phones are looking for instant gratification.

They could just be looking out the window when they see something that captures their interest. The first instinct is to do a quick search before they forget about what they just saw.

With this in mind, your call to actions must look inviting across all devices—regardless of what your audience decides to use.

Check out Spotify’s calls to action on a mobile device:

Image via

All buttons are accessible, and you don’t see any cropped images.

The Websites Doing It Right

A. CanvasPop

You may think that call to actions can only be found on your website’s landing page.

False! You can even find it on social media platforms like Facebook.

Here’s a great example from CanvasPop:

Image via

“Get 60% off when you order today.” Now that’s a call to action that will definitely entice customers to make a purchase.

And look how adorable that dog looks on the photo frame!

B. Brandless

Brandless is an e-commerce company that manufactures and sells a variety of products under its very own Brandless label.

This is a brand that knows how to spice up their call to action with the use of video.

Video via

This CTA directly tells customers that they can shop over 300 everyday essentials for only $3 per piece.

What a steal!

We especially liked how they used video to capture the interest of their customers.

With a call to action such as this, it’s hard not to get noticed!

C. Starbucks

In spring, Starbucks introduced a new flavor for the season: an iced matcha green latte.

They then uploaded this call to action on their Instagram page:

Image via

Notice how the green background complements and emphasizes the green Starbucks beverage.

And to top things off, all it takes is a simple swipe up for customers to give this new flavor a try.

D. Bed Bath & Beyond

Here is another example of a call to action that offers immediate value.

Image via

Bed Bath and Beyond offers a 20 percent discount for one single item in-store or online.

What makes this effective is the deadline. Their call to action indicates a date when the offer expires.

This creates a sense of urgency among customers. If they’re interested in the offer, they have no choice but to click on “Shop Now”.

E. Lyft

This ride-hailing app can spark the interest of both drivers and passengers alike.

And everything is all thanks to their effective ads paired with powerful calls to action.

Take a look:

Image via

The “turn miles into money” statement is straight to the point and, quite frankly, very enticing.

If you’re a car owner with lots of free time on your hands; why wouldn’t you consider becoming a Lyft driver, right?

Here’s another great call to action:

Image via

$50 in free ride credit is a pretty sweet deal!

By using code 50FB, customers are prompted to click the “install now” button.


That’s everything you need to know about writing a killer call to action.

Which call to action on this list do you consider the most effective?

And what compelling call to action do you want to include on your website and social media?

As always, leave a comment! You know we love to hear from you!


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