Affordable Graphic Design for Business in 2020

Every Small Business Owner will confront the task of locating Affordable Graphic Design for their business. Look no further! Use this guide for tips, sources and methods that show and explain how to save tons on your Graphic Design needs.

We will show you the top 3 methods for saving money on all your Graphic Design needs.

1. DIY, Do it Yourself

If you are willing to dive into some tutorials on the subject, you can save everything but time. There are quite a few very good tutorials available that will teach you how to do everything from Logos to Infographics.

We have a couple of websites we always recommend for tutorials on most subjects. We do not make commissions and are not enrolled in affiliate programs, these are learning centers our staff uses and recommends: literally has over 10,000 tutorials on Graphic Design alone. Udemy is much smaller showing 151 returns on Graphic Design search. The major difference between the two sites is the way you pay for services.

Lynda is a monthly service and starts as low as $20 a month. You can take as many classes as you want for the single monthly service fee. Prices increase based upon number of users.

You must pay the monthly subscription fee, or you lose access to your classes!

Udemy pricing model is single price for each class. Some classes are free.

Prices will vary and range from $10 per class.

You can take your time; the classes do not expire.

If you are thinking about the DIY approach, consider the following pros and cons:

Sometimes overlooked by users seeking tutorial material, YouTube is a great source of free education. Just enter the search term you wish to find and check out the results. You will find plenty of videos on all things Graphic Design.

Take your time and review the videos. Make sure the video is working for your needs and not wasting your time. Not all Video is created equal.

YouTube checks all the boxes for budget, low-cost and affordable Graphic Design.


Your best price for Budget, Low-cost or Affordable Graphic Design.

You might enjoy learning a new skill.

You will not have employees or graphic designers to manage.


Time Consuming! There is a learning curve, even for the simplest programs or websites that provide simple tools.

You must be somewhat Tech-Savvy and very patient.

Your Business could suffer because of dividing your duties and spending less time on revenue growth.

Hire Company or Individual to do Graphic Design Work

Choose from Freelancers or Outsourcing Companies.

1. Hire Freelancers

Pick the most suitable freelance company for your project.

There are a lot of freelancer job sites on the Web, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Most of them have both clients and freelancers from all over the world. You can pick a suitable freelancer from anywhere on the planet.

We will show 5 top Freelancer companies here and let you do your homework.

First choice because of the depth of talent. If you want talent from the United States, you can choose from US specific locations. If you are fearless and more experienced, you can choose from freelancers anywhere in the world. Very deep in talented Graphic Designers.

Those designers from the States can be very pricey. If you’re looking for the lowest cost of labor, you will want to go offshore. There is a lot of highly skilled and capable designers on this site.

This is one of our favorites based on price point. You can find low-cost, budget-friendly Graphic Designers here. Caution is required, maybe more than other freelancer websites, just based on the volume of new freelancers.

You must screen the potential freelancers carefully. We use primarily three criteria to pick our freelancers here; percentage of favorable reviews, time on Fiverr and quality of portfolio.

There are other considerations, but we been successful hiring from this site using these criteria.

This is one of the best sources for affordable freelancer talent. You can find low-cost Graphic Designers willing to work for a lot less than you would think.

Take your time and find the best match.

One of the best features of is the ability to put your project out as a contest.

You simply select a winner from the entries. The payment structure has a unique pay as you go feature.

You create Milestones for interim payment and make the final payment only when you decide the work is complete. Overall a very good site.

They specialize in IT and programming, graphic design, writing and translation, data entry and administration, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, customer support and service, social media, and mobile applications.

They specialize in certain countries. The Philippines and India to name a few.

Here you can find freelancers in programming and development, design and art, sales and marketing, writing and translation, engineering and architecture, administrative and secretarial, finance, and legal.

This site, like Freelancer, has freelancers bidding for the jobs.

2. Outsourcing

Most Small Business owners will tell you business suffers when they take the focus off their core products and services.

A simple solution is Outsourcing the tasks that are not central to your business. Graphic Design is a perfect candidate for Outsourcing.

Outsourcing comes in different flavors. Not all Small Business has the same taste.

There is Local, National and International Outsourcing.


For local outsourcing or more commonly referred to as subcontracting or contract work, choose a local Graphic Designer.

Many of you will find you are more comfortable with selecting locally reliable Graphic Designers. People you can physically meet and develop trust.

Local sourcing of skilled Graphic Designers in the US is more expensive than offshore. You can still save money versus hiring in-house Graphic Designers.


Some Small business owners prefer keeping their outsourced work in the United States. You can still save money by shopping the job by Region.

For example, a highly skilled Graphic Designer in New York City will cost upwards of $100 US per hour. The same Designer in the Midwest or Southwest regions of the US would start at around $50.

Our recommendation obviously, is to shop your job across economic regions.


Finally, we look at your Graphic Design jobs offshore. Our experience has been to stick with primarily English-speaking countries. We prefer India and Philippines for price, quality and communication.

Fortune 500 companies have been outsourcing everything from automobile manufacturing and programming to electronics and cellphones for decades.

If you are a savvy Small Business owner, you may want to investigate the many opportunities to outsource your Graphic Design work.

You can save substantially from US Graphic Designers. Anywhere from 40-70%.

You can save tons of time. Spend that time growing your core business.


The success of your Outsourcing or Freelancer engagement will be influenced by how well you manage.

Do not leave your Outsourcer or Freelancer alone to self-manage a project you created. You have to manage your project remotely to ensure the projects success.


Make sure you have clearly defined your expectations. Define the projects goals clearly. Include milestones and checkpoints to track progress and enhance communication.

Set deadlines or dates for project completion that are agreed upon by everyone. Make sure you do not have unrealistic expectations.


We have found that Collaborating is a must. Simply put you must collaborate on all phases of the project: the beginning, the middle and the end.

Everyone is a team member!

How do I collaborate and communicate effectively?

First decide your methods of messaging — emails, text or posting, whatever works for both of you. Next decide how often communication is required. Daily, Weekly, Monthly or at intervals you have both agreed upon mark these on your calendar’s and use them religiously.

Always be aware of differences in time zones.

Allow for variables and questions if they arise. Sometimes projects will be slowed down if important questions are not addressed quickly.

Answer all questions with a sense of urgency.

Next, document these meetings to review when needed. Often we forget or overlook parts of meeting or conversations. If you document the agenda from any given meeting you can always refer to it for clarity.

Send follow up email and ask Freelancer or Outsourcer to let you know if there are any issues or questions.

Also be aware of how you treat your Freelancer. Watch out for depersonalizing the relationship. Do not appear cold or aloof. Take the time to humanize yourself.

Be aware of your mood when interfacing with your counterpart. If you are angry or preoccupied with other issues this may not serve you well in dealing with people who do not know you personally.

Be kind to people! People will always go the extra mile for someone who is kind.  You would be surprised how often we forget the basics.


Tracking the progress of remote workers is vital to any project. There are many apps and software available to assist you with that task. Read this article from Hubspot to get the skinny on the who, where, what and why of these apps.

Not only does tracking help you, but it also helps the freelancer or outsourcer!

Tracking ultimately will improve the results of your project by keeping everyone on the same page.

You will use the data from tracking for billing purposes as well. Each program or app will supply you with dependable reporting for payroll and accounting.

It keeps everyone honest.


Everyone needs feedback! Not just your remote worker. You need feedback as well.

How are they doing? How are you doing?

Is the work done correctly? Let the Freelancer or remote worker know.

Are they getting the support they need?

How is the communication?

Am I doing a good job?

What could I do better?

These are just a few questions you should be answering if you’re asked.

We all need feedback.

Positive reinforcement works wonders!

Conclusion: Now you have everything you need to meet your Affordable Graphics Design needs. You should save thousands by following our advice. Don’t waste time and get started today! All you need in this article.

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