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[SEO 2019] 18 Great Free & Affordable SEO Tools that Work

free and affordable SEO tools

by | Feb 15, 2019 | SEO | 0 comments

Your must-have “Free and Affordable SEO Tools” are right here, read on! 2019 has arrived and if business owners, marketers or entrepreneurs don’t stay one step ahead of the competition, they risk losing ground to their competitors.

Here’s the deal: As an entrepreneur, it is critical that you understand the role Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays in establishing your online presence and how best to optimize your content for online success. But with the ever-dynamic landscape of SEO, it may seem like a huge mountain to climb especially when you don’t know where to start.
And here’s how you win: Choosing the right tools is critical and can make or break your success. Favorably enough, there are search engine optimization tools available out there to help you do your own SEO and a lot of them are free. Although all of the tools below are for free, others offer trial versions that let you get a good sense of the services they provide, in order to help you decide if you’ll opt-in for the paid version instead. Also, take note that some of these will require you to sign up to get access. With these things in mind, I have made a list of 18 of the best free and easy SEO tools on the market that are sure to become game changers in 2018.

Google Search Console

What’s it used for? Keyword Research + On-Site SEO Audit As someone focused on building their presence online, Google Search Console makes sure that your website reaches the right audiences by showing the correct search queries and terms that lead people to your landing page.

It also shows you actionable insights and creates an intuitive model which guides you through the process of fixing errors on your website.

When you want to play on Google’s home court, Search Console is the way to go.

MozBar SEO Tool Bar

What’s it used for? On-Site SEO Audit + Competitor Research

Get on-page metrics on every website you visit on your browser with this nifty SEO tool from Moz.

MozBar is a free downloadable extension and shows up as a toolbar on top of your web browser.

It provides a page analysis on the current page you are visiting by showing on-page elements such as the title tag, the h1 and h2 tag and meta keywords along with the page authority and domain authority. You can also see and highlight followed, no-followed, external and internal links on the page indicated by color. The MozBar does a good job in getting quick insights on other websites and surveying your possible competitors.


What’s it used for? On-Site SEO Audit SEOptimer gives you general overview on how well-optimized your website is. Just type in your URL address, and then wait for a few seconds for it to process.

After it completes the audit, it gives you a general grade for your site and even gives you recommendations.

It also goes into detail on specific categories such as the SEO, Usability, Performance, Social and Security and shows you what you did right, what you did wrong and how to improve them.

SEOptimer is a great tool to identify your site’s weakness and strengths and leverage on them to bump up your rank to a better position.

SEO Quake

What’s it used for? : Competitor Research SEO Quake is free browser extension that shows up as a toolbar on top of your web browser. Sounds familiar? In a nutshell, it is just like MozBar but it collects more data.

One awesome feature of this tool is the domain backlink volume and trust metrics that allows you to view real-time stats as you are browsing on the web which saves you a lot of time and hassle in having to manually check sites individually.

It has a robust set of features and some of the metrics it shows are the Google index, Bing index, SEMrush rank, Alexa rank, Social Media activity among many others.

The key quality if this SEO tool is its versatility which will prove to be of great use to you and your SEO campaign.

Snippet Optimizer

What’s it used for? : SERP Ranking This simulator gives you a preview of how your snippet would look like on Google’s SERP.

With that in mind, this helps you construct your page title, header, and meta tags to make it aesthetically-pleasing and user-friendly as possible. This tool also guides you on how long your tag should be so as to avoid writing very wordy content. With this tool, you can optimize the content of your website titles and snippets to maximize click-through rate on search engines.

Moz Keyword Explorer

What’s it used for? : Keyword Research

Keyword Research  is one of the primary things that should be done when starting an SEO campaign.

In fact, it is one of the first things that should be done, and the Moz Keyword Explorer is a powerful tool in this field. If you know what people are searching for online, you can tailor your website content to appeal to those specific search queries. You better use this tool wisely though, since there is a limit of 20 free queries per month unless you’re willing to shell out some cash for the pro version.

Mobile-Friendly Test

What’s it used for? : Mobile Page Emulator

Type in the URL of the website you wish to test on the address bar and hit the “run test” button.

After it is done analyzing, you will know if your website is mobile friendly or not. It gives you a preview of how your website would look like on mobile and this is important if your target audience is on mobile which considerably effects your click through and conversion rates.

Google Keyword Planner

What’s it used for? : Keyword Research

This is Google’s very own tool on keyword research and it serves a lot of purposes not only limited to SEO and it pretty much gets the job done.

This tool is great for fetching ideas on keywords that are relevant to your niche. Just type in a keyword and you will see a whole list of suggestions along with its average monthly searches and its competition.

The tool pulls up a lot of synonyms and relevant searches from the base keyword that you put.


What’s it used for? : Keyword Research

This is a quick and simple tool to get a ton of keyword ideas. This is very useful especially when you’re looking for long tail keyword suggestions to build on.

Aside from Google, it also gives you suggestions for YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay and the App Store so it’s very versatile.

Screaming Frog

What’s it used for? Website Crawler + On-Site SEO Audit

This tool crawls your website and finds relevant data to analyze and audit your onsite SEO in real time.

It can find broken links, analyze page titles & meta data, integrate with Google Analytics among many others.
It is neat considering the amount of labor you must do manually checking each page on each site. This saves you a lot of time and gives you very little room for error. Plus it allows you to export your findings to Excel so that use this as a basis for your SEO recommendations.

Content Marketing Generator

What’s it used for? : Content Creation

Having a hard time looking for a good title for the content you created? This simple, straightforward tool is used for generating various blog post ideas and headlines.

Just type in your chosen topic and your target audience then it will give you a list of titles for your blog posts, videos, infographics etc.

Tag Board

What’s it used for? : Content Creation

This amazing tool allows you to search for posts from people across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. by typing in hashtags.

This is great if you’re looking for content that is getting a good amount of traffic and interaction.

You can also see relevant hashtags which is great for content discovery as well.


What’s it used for? : Content Creation

Content Management can take up a huge chunk of your time especially when done individually.

This tool helps you search for relevant content from blogs/websites through keywords, organizes them according to keywords used and schedules posts to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (talk about convenience!).

This is a VERY good tool for discovering quality blog posts and articles.

FATRANK – Keyword Rank Checker

What’s it used for? : SERP Ranking + Competitor Research This is a very convenient tool in seeing how certain keywords on a site rank on Google.
Downloaded as a Chrome extension, visit any website and type in a keyword or a phrase. Then it tells you what your Google rank is for that specific term. This is free and fast and can be done as you are browsing through the web.

Pingdom Tools

What’s it used for? : Website Diagnostics

Website loading speed and DNS health are some of the factors that affect your Google rank which have become increasingly important.

It also gives you suggestions on how to improve your overall website performance which is great.

It also gives you suggestions on how to improve your overall website performance which is great.

Google Page Speed Insights

What’s it used for? : Website Diagnostics

Another tool which measure how fast your website is.

They give you a detailed report on user experience particularly on website speed and optimization for both desktop and mobile.

They show what optimizations are already present and how to improve on them. They also give suggestions on what else that needs to be optimized.


What’s it used for? : Backlink Checker Over-optimized content is one of the biggest reasons why your websites are ranking poorly on Google’s SERP.
This tool checks your anchor text diversity and points out areas where you are at risk for anchor text over optimization. They also tell you what to modify and what backlinks to remove that have the same anchor text.

Conclusion Ok, let’s review! We have introduced you to 18 great free and affordable SEO tools. We described what each tool does for you and gave you step by step instructions on how to use them.

Having a premium price tag doesn’t always mean high-quality services. If you dig around long enough, you will be able to find good quality, bang for your buck tools. Now it’s up to you.

Make 2019 YOUR year, take action and grow your business today!

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