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7 Actionable Steps to Affordable Website Planning [2019]

website planning

Affordable Website Planning costs almost nothing! Here is the deal! We’re gonna show you the most affordable way to plan your website development.

These are actionable steps that will save you tons. Planning is vital to the success of all websites!

Forget hiring programmers and HTML types for now. You can get this Website Planned and built for next to nothing. Planning a website is as crucial as building it.

Below are 7 things you NEED to consider when planning a website that could save your business.

The Value of planning a Website

Building a website without a plan is like constructing a building without a blueprint.

Planning is necessary for the success of any business or organization.

Yet, many people still OVERLOOK the value of planning and preparation.

Before starting, you need to answer these questions:

-How long is this going to take and how much is this going to cost?

-How much research is needed in order to get your business up and running?
-What are the first steps to make your business profitable?


Everyone must have a website!

You are your brand’s number one ambassador! Only you and your team can plan your Website.

Now….. Actionable Steps

Step 1


Make sure that everyone on the team knows their roles and what is expected of them.

Web Project Manager

Leads the team in developing and implementing web solutions by monitoring project progress- responsible for creating a positive workplace culture- assures quality with maintenance, trouble shooting, resolving existing issues and documenting them.

Good communication in team to keep productivity and work quality high.

They have the most important role and are the driving force behind a successful website development project.

Web/CMS Developer

Works closely with project managers and designers to ensure the final product sticks to the predetermined budget, scope and design.

Responsible for keeping the website up and running at all times.

Your go-to person when you find technical problems with your website.

Web Designer

Plans and implements the website design based on client goals.

Develop site navigation by categorizing content and creating a good web interface.

Develop site content and graphics by working with copywriters and graphic artists.

Responsible for the aesthetic.


The one responsible for making slogans or copy that drives ad campaigns.

Their role is important since their work makes a large impact on the image and reputation of a company or brand.

Content Writer

Responsible for creating content used in blog posts, white paper, e-books, newsletters etc.

Great content writers stay on top of SEO trends to get people reading their material


Creates website content using video as a platform
greatly helps in promoting your brand by introducing your company’s products and services in a simple and easy to consume media.


Quality images by professional photographers will impress potential clients and will help you stand out from your competitors

Graphics Designer

creates images that identify a product or convey a messageworks closely with clients in advertising and promotions.

Keep in mind that a single person doesn’t have to do one specific job. One person can play multiple

In creating a good functioning website, it needs to be a collaborative TEAM effort for it to be successful.

Hiring Remote Employees vs In-House Employees

You might find yourself at some point in time where you have to hire others to join you. As a general rule of thumb, reserve in-house hires for experts that are going to be focused on the growth of the company. For operational tasks, look first to hiring remote workers.

Below is a differentiation between hiring in-house and remote.

In-house employee


-Potential for more intelligent and specialized employees invested in long-term
-Easier to develop trust and a working relationship
-Is physically working with you every day

Remote employee


-Ability to recruit talent from all over the world
-Tend to be cheaper per hour and minimal HR benefits


-Communication can be quite a challenge since you never really get a chance to meet the
employee in person
-Reliability: a remote employee can disappear without notice

If you are just getting your business started you may only need part-time workers to assist you in your daily operations, hiring remote employees is recommended.

However, if you have reached a point where you have steady cash flow and you need to add an expert to your business, in-house employees are highly recommended.

Step 2


Think before you act!
The most important task in this step of the process is clearly defining the following:
-What are your main goals? What are you trying to accomplish?
-What is your website’s purpose? What do you want the website to do for you? Sell products?
Sell services? Lead generation? What will your call-to- action be?
-Who is your target audience? Who are the most likely buyers of what your selling and how would you communicate with them?

Information gathering, discovery and research basically gives you a roadmap of what needs to be done and determines your next steps.

Answering the above questions helps to develop the best strategy for further project management.

Different kinds of websites cater to different kinds of visitors.

This means that different kinds of functionality should be used.

A good solid plan saves time and money!

Step 3


Before making any transaction, customers often do their research online and compare products and
services before even interacting with the company.

First Impressions count!

It is crucial to stand out and differentiate yourself from your direct competitors.
Determine who your competitors are

Ask your prospects and customers about competitors.
Communicating with your customers is the best way to identify your competition.

Here are some questions you should be asking:

-How did you found out about our product and services?
– What keywords did you use?

-Have you visited websites similar to ours?
-Do you know of companies that offer similar services or products as ours?

Evaluate your competitor’s strategy

Know what the other team is doing and create a game plan to counteract what they are doing
-Is their website focused on the same business objective as yours?
-Are they targeting the same audience as yours?
-Is their website effective in guiding the customers

You can learn a lot from your competitor’s marketing strategy – especially from the companies that do
better than you.

Recognizing their strengths can help you prevent them from becoming your weaknesses!

Use the following free/affordable competitor research tools that help you explore your competition:
Affordable Competitor Research Tools



-is a free downloadable extension and shows up as a toolbar on top of your web browser
-displays on page results for key SEO element such as Page Title, Meta Description, H1, H2 and

Alt Text

-it allows you to see what your competition is doing for free
-simply take the sites that appear on the first page of Google and let the tool analyze the content
then I take insights from the results and use them for my content

Rank Signals

-Is a great tool that helps you view backlinks your competitor has
-Completely free tool
-You can get ideas for a link building strategy with this

SEO Quake

-analysis of domain backlink volume and trust metrics
-view stats in real time
-is versatile and very easy to use but may confuse the average user with the sheer number of
data it pulls up

Step 4


Set a Budget for your Website Expenses
Important things to take note of:

-The website must meet the needs of the client.
-The website is not a one-off thing. It is an extension of the business that may be subject to
change at any given time.
-A website is a communication tool that may reflect positively or negatively on a business.

The budget should include funds for web design, programming and web hosting.
Research the market and look for the best deal available.

Don’t get the short end of the stick by comparing prices alone.
What may save you money at the moment may cripple you with a mediocre site and lots of headaches.

It’s better to choose team members based on their knowledge, experience and proven track record.
Coordinate your Website with the Marketing Campaign

The established branding and marketing of the business should conform to the structure and design of
the website.

Therefore, it is important that the content of the website must reflect the overall marketing plan.

Step 5


Make sure that you spend enough time on keyword research to guide you in your content strategy.
Search engine optimization is critical to attracting QUALITY website traffic.
In order to do that, you need to put together a keyword list.

Although you can pay for access to a variety of high-level keyword suggestion tool, it is not necessary.
Instead you can really on free or affordable tools to compile a quality list that will bring results.

Affordable Keyword Research Tools
Google Keyword Planner

-use this tool for in-depth keyword research as well as website and blog analytics
-is great for fetching ideas on keywords that are relevant to your niche
-type in a keyword and you will see a whole list of suggestions along with its average monthly
searches and its competition
-the “best of the best” when it comes to free

Moz Keyword Explorer

-Possibly the premier keyword and SEO tool in the marketplace

-this free tool provides up to 20 searches per day
-take advantage of this free tool to get keyword suggestions and volume
-you can also check out the competition to analyze strengths and competitive possibilities


-is a quick and simple tool to get a ton of keyword ideas
-very useful especially when you’re looking for long tail keyword suggestions and questions to
build on
-aside from Google, it also gives you suggestions for YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay and the App
Store so it’s very versatile

It is important to select the keywords that are most relevant to your site and to your target audience but
you also need to be aware of the keywords that aren’t being used by your competitors (Niche

Make Keyword Research a Priority.

Step 6


A website blueprint is similar to a blueprint of a house.
It is a set of plans that allow the builder to easily construct the website and ensure your design meets
your needs.

It should contain:
-as much information on the website as possible
-plans for every page within your website (from the About Us to the major informational pages – EVERYTHING SHOULD BE COVERED)

Things Your Website Should Have

Contact Info
Include the phone number you want people to call for sales queries. Preferably place at the top of each
web page.

Have your company phone number in a click-to- call format.

With so many people looking up businesses on smartphones, a one-touch way to contact you will bring
you more customers.

If you’re considering any online marketing effort, you should start a blog. A blog can help a business in
so many ways that it’s a no-brainer to include one for yours.

Potential clients need to trust you before choosing to work with you.

The best way to tell people how great your company is through someone else’s words.
Whenever a client is happy with any of your services, grab the opportunity and get a testimonial from them.

Ask them for permission to use their real names as well.
Real endorsements from recognizable community members mean a lot more than a random anonymous

Photos and Videos of your work, your venue and your team.

Customers like viewing pictures and they like to see that you know what you’re doing.

Show pictures of your friendly staff and your clean, comfortable office. Also include imagery from
recognizable landmarks in your area.

These kinds of photos show that your company’s personality and that you are a part of the community.

Newsletter Sign-up
Give people a way to stay in touch with your company such as a newsletter sign-up.
This will let you share information through email marketing.
You can also use this list to share information you think your clients and prospects will find valuable
whenever you have it.

Links to your Social Media
If you’re active on social media, include a page where you list which accounts you have as well as how
your company uses them.

Things Your Website Should NOT Have

Flash Animation, Moving Text, Fancy Cursors or Background Music

These things are annoying and unnecessary to most visitors and it slows down your loading time.

Images without ALT Tags or Text Captions
Search engines can’t read images and descriptive text that helps to increase your rankings List of All your Products and Services
Don’t do this in one long, continuous scroll.

Use smart navigation and break things up naturally to guide visitors in finding what they need.
Dead Links

Links that lead to nowhere or an error page.
Google may penalize with having too many dead links.

5 Additional Things your Website SHOULD Be
Look professional
-plain, sloppy looking websites are a turn-off
Show visitors what you do at a glance
-through photos, videos and title descriptions
-visitors to your site should be able to figure out right away what your website does

Contain keywords
-Organic SEO strategies can help bring new visitors to your website. Speak to your visitors – Not your ego

-Your content should focus on how you can BENEFIT your customers, instead of bragging how great you are.

Make it personal
-Including the names and bios of business owners and staff on your website gives things a
personal touch

Step 7


Content should contain more than just plain text. By using different kinds of multimedia, you’ll definitely
increase the appeal and usability of your website.

These would include:
– Articles
– Images
– Icons
– Infographics
– Video
– Podcasts
– E-books, Whitepapers, Guide
– Content Feeds

Content strategy is the way you plan to publish your content now and over time.

You may schedule publishing about four times a month. Compile eBooks from articles you’ve written
and give those away for contact info or to previous visitors.

Content is such a critical element of your website, so you better get all the help that you need.

Hire a writer who has a lot of experience writing blogs.
I also suggest investing in professional-looking pictures for your website.

Now you have it. An absolutely Affordable Website Planning Step by Step guide. You can do this in a
couple of hours.

Time to take action!

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