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Every Business is Different. One company may wish to focus on Google Adwords, Pay Per Click (PPC), or Facebook Advertising. Another company may choose Organic Search or Evergreen Content. Content that provides Leads and Sales for years to come without the cost of paid advertising. We can do all or part of your Digital Campaigns. Let us work with your Budget and Goals to maximize ROI.

Around 75 Million Websites, Upwards of 25% of All Websites Worldwide are developed using the WordPress platform. WordPress is user friendly, affordable and does not require a highly skilled, highly paid Developer. WordPress is also the preferred CMS (Content Management System) for bloggers today. When more complicated Enterprise or Custom Projects arise will we will employee experienced programmers.

Count on us to produce content as required for your Website, Blog or Social Media Campaigns. We have a team of writers at our disposal to create original, effective and affordable content for any campaign. We pride ourselves on presenting your small business with the best content for your campaigns. We “Mimic” your company’s pride and enthusiasm in our campaigns. Content Marketing can be

You will continue to hear the word Comprehensive spoken here often. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requires a comprehensive approach just as every element of Digital Marketing does. We apply a full spectrum approach to SEO that not only includes On-Page and Off-Page SEO, but is integrated with all your content including Social Media, Video, Images, Digital Advertising, Email and Graphic Design. We want your

Link building and the creation of high authority back-links is the top consideration for Google’s Search Engine Algorithms. By reaching out to other websites and blogs we build and create authority amongst your peers. Google rewards websites and Blogs with Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) when other Websites, Authorities, and Influencers link to your Content.

The landscape for Social Media Marketing is broad and complex. We will work with you to create an effective Social Media Marketing Plan. Once we determine the optimum Social Media Channels for your products and services we contour your program to suit your marketing goals. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest along with a few others can deliver measurable ROI.

Google and Facebook dominate the Online Digital Advertising space. According to Statista, Facebook’s ad revenue from 2009-2018 amounted to 55 billion dollars, while Google’s amounted to 116.3 billion from 2001-2018. The reason for this is simple, “It’s Cost Effective” and ROI is compelling! You can get started on Facebook with as little as $1 per day and depending on your keywords, a few hundred with Google. Take the fear out of your spend by allowing us to design and implement your online Ad Campaign.

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